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Name:Mowgli- Once Prince of the Seeonee Jungle.

The Only Son lay down again and dreamed that he dreamed a dream,
The last ash dropped from the dying fire with the click of a falling spark,
And the Only Son woke up again and called across the dark: —

“Now, was I born of womankind and laid in a mother’s breast
For I have dreamed of a shaggy hide whereon I went to rest.
And was I born of womankind and laid on a father’s arm?

For I have dreamed of long white teeth that guarded me from harm.
Oh, was I born of womankind and did I play alone?
For I have dreamed of playmates twain that bit me to the bone.
And did I break the barley bread and steep it in the tyre
For I have dreamed of a youngling kid new-riven from the byre.

An hour it lacks and an hour it lacks to the rising of the moon —
But I can see the black roof-beams as plain as it were noon.
Tis a league and a league to the Lena Falls where the trooping sambhur go,
But I can hear the little fawn that bleats behind the doe.

‘Tis a league and a league to the Lena Falls where the crop and the upland meet,
But I can smell the warm wet wind that whispers through the wheat!”
The Only Son.

Mowgli is taken after then ending of the second Jungle Book, where he has found a place in the employment of the Indian government. Although he still runs around wearing only a loin cloth or at least, wrap around shorts. Because apparently people don't take kindly to men, running about in their birthday suit.

This Mowgli is book verse, I don't own Mowgli or his PB Kalani Queypo nor do I claim to be him.
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